MATLAB Connector tries to reinstall every time I start it

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Matt J Dunn
Matt J Dunn 2021년 4월 1일
답변: Conor Burgess 2022년 2월 11일
I'm using MATLABConnector on Ubuntu. MATLABConnector doesn't start at bootup, so I have to type MATLABConnector start at the Linux terminal to start it. The first time I run this command, the MATLABConnector installation window appears. Subsequent commands sent using MATLABConnector (such as start, toggle, status and stop) work as expected, but only until I reboot the computer. After a reboot, the command MATLABConnector start brings up the installation procedure again. Consequently, I have to reinstall MATLABConnector every time I boot up the computer.
How do I fix this behaviour? Having to reinstall the software every time I turn on the computer is a real hassle.
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Richard Ketchersid
Richard Ketchersid 2021년 12월 28일
I have the same issue and have been having it for some time on Windows 10.

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Conor Burgess
Conor Burgess 2022년 2월 11일
Apologies for the delayed response. The most reliable way to resolve these issues is to grab a fresh install. Here's how:
  1. Kill any MATLABConnector process, and then any MathworksServiceHost processes that are running (System Monitor or the killall command can be used for this).
  2. In a terminal, run the following commands
rm -rf ~/.MATLABConnector/v1.*
rm -rf ~/.MATLABConnector/$HOST/
rm -rf ~/.MATLABConnector/$HOST/UpdatePending.json
rm -rf ~/.MathWorks/ServiceHost/$HOST/v1.*
rm -rf ~/.MathWorks/ServiceHost/$HOST/
rm -rf ~/.matlab/credentials
There's then one thing to clean up in your login keyring - you can access this by running seahorse and then looking for the login keyring under "Passwords". In there, you may find one or more items named MathWorks Key. Please remove these.
If you then head over to and re-download the latest Linux installer, you can run it from a terminal with e.g. (the version number may well be newer than this):
sh ~/Downloads/mathworksservicehost_1.9.1.1_glnxa64_installer.bin
It should then kick off a fresh install, and get you up and running on the latest version, which should then keep itself up to date without any more issues.


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