Moist Air Modeling error: Solver was unable to reduce the step size

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Guanwei Zeng
Guanwei Zeng 2021년 3월 29일
답변: Juan Sagarduy 2021년 4월 8일
Hi, I'm developing a hydrogen tank in which the hydrogen is removed according to the Fuel Rate(input port1).
The model is successfully compiled, but at time 217s the running stopped with warnings as follow
Here's the widow of Solver Profiler
Although I increased the number of consecutive min steps, it didn't work
I'm not familiar with the moist air system, coould anyone please tell me how to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy 2021년 4월 8일
Hello Guangwei
I think the model may have some issues. It looks like you are filling/emptying the chamber. This leads in the end to very high pressure or vacuum, which sets the model into an assertion.
One of the ports is not physically connected, it has just the property block attached. Try out modifying the model.
Br Juan

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