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Is it possible to convert a word documenet to an .xls file using matlab code? If so, can you help or refer me to a link that will help me do that

Cordelle 님이 질문을 제출함. 6 Jun 2013
Convert a microsoft word document to an excel document using matlab code

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We might have some trouble with the custom kerning. Are you okay with that?

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Iain 님의 답변 6 Jun 2013
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Possible? Yes. Sensible? No.
You'll need to interact with word and excel via active x controls. If you look at the code for xlsread, you'll see how. - Basically, it uses visual basic commands, which you can access via xl or word already.

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then have a look at low level file i/o like fopen, fscanf, fread, textscan, fgetl etc. In that way you should be able to read in the data.
If its a nicely formatted table you can try uiimport, which relies on dlmread, csvread, etc.

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fdsffdser 님의 답변 29 Aug 2013

drag and drop word files to this word control and then click the word converting menue to convert word to other formats including pdf jpg. i haven't tried .xls. so i am not sure about whether it can make it . but it is very powerful in converting, so i have confidence on it.

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