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How to set suspension sag due to mass in simscape quarter car model ?

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arvind j
arvind j 2021년 3월 19일
답변: Yifeng Tang 2021년 4월 30일
I have created a quarter car model in simscape. I want to create a suspension sag in the spring with respect to the given sprung mass of the system. I've tried setting an initial displacement to the spring but that acts as a constant offest throughout the simulation. I want the sagging to be relative to the sprung mass displacement llke in actual scenerio. Is there a way to do so ? Please let me know. Thanks.

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang 2021년 4월 30일
Are you working in Simscape (1D mechanical) or Simscape Multibody?
In Multibody, the weight of the sprung mass will affect the spring sagging if the direction of gravity is in the correct direction.
In Simscape (translational mechanical domain most likely), there is no gravity by default. You can add gravity as an force source, whose magnitude is m*g. Just need to figure out the directions and port orientations.

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