write a code to sort string

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Aminata camara
Aminata camara 2021년 3월 17일
댓글: Aminata camara 2021년 3월 18일
how to I write a code for this problem:
Write a program that accepts a string from a user with the input function, chops that string into a series of tokens, sorts the tokens into ascending order, and prints them out.
this is what I wrote so far I dont know what to do
%Input a user string
str=input('Enter string:','s');
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ANKUR KUMAR 2021년 3월 17일
Could you please elaborate "chops that string into a series of tokens"? Where comes the token in the string?
Aminata camara
Aminata camara 2021년 3월 17일
that what the problem is saying, I understand it like when I'm writting a series of world
example if a user enter : anna,mimi,jen
the user will get
also I dont get what the problem is saying by then sort that information.

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ANKUR KUMAR 2021년 3월 17일
str=input('Enter string:','s');
On which basis you wish to sort strings? Is it alphabatically, or based on the length ?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 3월 18일
B = [8, -2, 11]
B = 1×3
8 -2 11
[sortedB, idx] = sort(B)
sortedB = 1×3
-2 8 11
idx = 1×3
2 1 3
So the first output of sort(B) is the list of sorted values (by default in ascending order.)
The second output of sort() tells you where each of the outputs came from in the original vector. So where the first entry, idx(1) is 2, that tells you that B(2) was the value that sorted into first place. The second entry, idx(2) is 1, telling you that B(1) was the entry that sorted second. The third entry, idx(3) is 3, telling you that B(3) is the entry in B that sorted third.
When you have that kind of order information, you can use it to index another array, and the result is reordering the other array to have order corresponding (increasing) B.
The syntax
[~, idx] = sort(B)
means the same as
[AnInternalVariableNameIsHere, idx] = sort(B);
clear AnInternalVariableNameIsHere
That is, the output is generated, but it is thrown away immediately. Using ~ is a short way to ignore an output when you need to access a later output.
Aminata camara
Aminata camara 2021년 3월 18일
ooh I see now thank you for the great explanation

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