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Converting a weibull figure to a histogram

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I created a weibull distribution based on hours of the day. I would like to have a histogram to further show these results. How can I obtain the histogram?
The code for the weibull distribution is:
I tried using histogram(y_new) and histfit(y_new), even adjusting number of bins, but the figures I got were very different
Any tips please?

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 17 Mar 2021
histogram takes a list of data values (your x's) and tabulates how often each occurs. if you don't already have data values, you might generate some randomly, e.g.
sample_data = wblrnd(3,2,10000,1);
histogram(sample_data); % 'normalization','pdf');
The extra (now commented) parameters on the histogram command will put the histogram heights on the same scale as the pdf values from wblpdf.

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