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How to skim through a word file for Figures 1 to 10 and copy the figure to MATLAB and save it and its caption as a separate file for each figure?

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Wolfgang McCormack
Wolfgang McCormack 2021년 3월 14일
댓글: DGM 2021년 3월 16일
Hi all,
As I am really enjoying MATLAB, I have a question that might save a me great deal of time. I have a word document that has so many figures and captions (some are cross references but all captions have FigureX: --- while the cross referencing doesn't have the ":" in it.). I want to know if it is possible to ask MATLAB to skim through the entire word document, extract all those figure which are jpeg images and their captions. Save each individual in a new word file. I would really appreciate it if you guys could guide on me on getting this done.
Thanks in advance!


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