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Double click to import file not working?

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Namrata Goswami
Namrata Goswami 10 Mar 2021
답변: Deepak Meena 18 Mar 2021
When I try to open any excel file by double clicking on it, the import window opens but is blank. I tried for mutliple excel files, the same problem with all.
However, when I use importdata function on the same file or any of previously saved import functions it is able to import files correctly. The problem with importdata function is that I cannot alter the column adat types or amke any ammendments to the data before importing.
The double-click to import was working well until a few days ago and no configurations of Matalb were changed in the meanwhile. What could be potentially wrong?


Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena 18 Mar 2021
Hi Namrata ,
If possible please attach the one of the files or attach the screenshot. Meanwhile I am attaching a xcel file , try to import this and see whether it works or not .

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