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how to insert inserted values in legend

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Hossein Alishahi
Hossein Alishahi 2021년 3월 8일
답변: the cyclist 2021년 3월 8일
I want to display inserted values to my code in legend. Coud you please give me related code for this. for example
alpha1=input('Enter positive "alpha1"?');
alpha2=input('Enter positive "alpha2"?');
beta1=input('Enter positive "beta1"?');
beta2=input('Enter positive "beta2"?');
lambda=input('Enter positive "lambda"?');
eta1=input('Enter positive "eta1"?');
eta2=input('Enter positive "eta2"?');
P=input('Enter positive "P"?');
then, all inserted values show in the legend.
Many Thanks

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Russel Burgess
Russel Burgess 2021년 3월 8일
One option is to use sprintf() to make a string, e.g.:
legend(sprintf('alpha1 = %g, alpha2 = %g', alpha1, alpha2));
And so on. The formatting of inputs to sprintf() is the same as for fprintf() - or "help sprintf" will of course tell you what you need.

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2021년 3월 8일
I don't fully understand how you want the values to be included, but you'll probably want to use the sprintf command:
alpha1 = 0.1;
beta1 = 0.2;
h = plot(rand(7,2));
legend(h,sprintf("alpha1 = %7.2f",alpha1),sprintf("beta1 = %7.2f",beta1))


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