How can i filter the spectrogram colours and take as matrix?

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Altemur Çelikayar
Altemur Çelikayar 2021년 3월 3일
댓글: Mathieu NOE 2021년 3월 8일
Hello, I am trying to change spectrogram matrix colours. I am writing audio and music recognition system based on Spectrogram.
function spectrogram_graph(audiofile_name)
fprintf("Amount of Fs is:%d \n",fs)
ylabel("Normalized Frequency (x pi radians/sample)")
colormap gray
c.Label.String="Powerfrequency dB(rad/sample)";
I have this table from this function:
I need to filter, for example: Higher than -40dB will be white and lowers will be black. I need to recieve this as matrix with only ones and zeros. Thats why i am using grayscale.
Firsty, I couldnt filter and change the colours of the spectrogram.
Secondly, I couldnt obtain 2D matrix of the spectrogram.
Can you help me please guys, best wishes
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