Linearizeration manager installation (matlab crashing)

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am 2021년 2월 22일
댓글: am 2021년 2월 25일
Despite this very clear walk-through, I cannot find the linealizeration manager. When I look it up in the addon explorer, it takes me to Simulink Control Design.
I am trying to install the above mentioned but with no avail! Matlab just closes without doing any installation.
What shall I do?

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Anmol Dhiman
Anmol Dhiman 2021년 2월 25일
Hi Am,
I assume you are using R2020a or later.
The issue you mentioned happens if you select the APPS section in MATLAB.
The issue can be resolved if you select APPS section from Simulink.
For that run the below command
It opens a simulink window. Create a new model and select APPS section from there.
Hope it helps

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