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how to solve ?Error using/Matrix dimensions must agree.'?

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Alvaro Mª Zumalacarregui Delgado
댓글: Jon 2021년 2월 19일
I am working with Matlab app designer, while i was trying to run the interface the program send this message, what is the proble in my code?
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Alvaro Mª Zumalacarregui Delgado
function Calcularsolucin2ButtonValueChanged(app, event)
P = 50;
Q = 60;
C1 = 4;
C2 = 7;
K = 10;
a = app.a.Value;
b = app.b.Value;
x = linspace(0,1000);
y2 = K/(exp((K*x-K*C2))-b);
plot (app.Axes,y2,x,'r');
hold on;
y = linspace(0,1000);
x2 = K/(exp(K*y-K*C1)-a);
plot (app.Axes,x2,y,'b');

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Jon 2021년 2월 19일
Try replacing the line assigning x2 with the following using ./ to get element by element division
y2 = K./(exp((K*x-K*C2))-b);

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