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Unable to entry the license key at installation

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Florian Buehler
Florian Buehler 19 Feb 2021
When I am trying to install Matlab, I am not able to entry the licese key path or anything at the intallation. As seen in the image.
When I try to type or paste anything in the textfield, nothing happens
Is there a way around to enter the license file path (by saving it at the right place), or is there another way around this?
I am using Archlinux.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 23 Feb 2021
I have a vague memory that in some of the cases, the technical cause was tracked down to needing to delete/rename one of the mathworks-supplied DLLs to let the system DLL take over. However, I could easily be wrong. I seldom use Linux... the problem has simply come up enough over the years that I was able to recognize it being likely to be a linux-related problem.

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Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena 26 Feb 2021
편집: Deepak Meena 26 Feb 2021
Hi Florian,
I see there are multiple issue you are facing , I will try to answer all of them one by one:
1) Issue regarding File installation key : As Jan correctly mentioned , you will get File installation key when you are trying to install MATLAB offline and using DVD. So you should go for the second which will direct you towards Mathworks Login page.
2) Unable to type in text field : This has been known issue is Linux based OS. Refer to this doc for workarounds:
3) Error connecting Mathworks login page : This is also a known issue . Refer to this answer
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