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How do I view the actual generated C code from a simulink model?

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Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford 2021년 2월 17일
답변: Deepak Meena 2021년 2월 23일
I am interested in generating C code from a Simulink model and then viewing the actual C code. Within Simulink Coder, the reports only contain C files with no C code just calls such as void, initialise etc. Where can I find and access the actual C code? I have tried using the MinGw-64 C compiler however that only creates a mex file. I don't want a mex file I just want the C code to view it.
How do I do this?


Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena 2021년 2월 23일
Hi Joshua,
Your Generated report should look like this :
The C code would be under the Generated code section. The Generated code would look like this
If your generated code is empty , try to check the settings under the model configuration , and see the details of the target language compiler and other settings are as required.
Refer to this links for more information:

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