Saving projections as one data array.

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Gideon Chinamatira
Gideon Chinamatira 2021년 2월 17일
답변: Shashank Gupta 2021년 2월 23일
I have 1000 tiff images from a CT scan that i want to save in one data array so that i can perform 3D image reconstruction using the ASTRA tolbox. The toolbox works in a Matlab environment but assumes the data to already be in one array form. Please assist with the code to do so.

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Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta 2021년 2월 23일
Hi Gideon,
What you need to do is read all tiff file in MATLAB and convert them into a big array containing all the images. Check out read or imread function to read the tiff images. This should help you. After reading the tiff file all you need to do is append all images in one big array then you are good to go. Below is a small piece of code for your reference.
% fill up image_dimension and number of tiff images you have.
bigArray = zeros(image_dimension,numberImages)
for i=1:numberImages
t = Tiff('location of images','r');
bigArray(:,:,:,i) = read(t);
You need to change this code according to your problem statement.
I hope this helps.

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