creating a dragable matlab component

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nathan blanc
nathan blanc . 2021년 2월 9일
답변: nathan blanc . 2021년 2월 10일
following these two discussions:
I decided to try and create my own graphic component. I essentially want it to be a draggable picture with a title.
I tried to follow the instructions here
but encountered some problems.
my first problem is it needs to have something equivalent to a "buttonupfunction" and a "buttondownfunction", and I am not sure how to do this. I am pretty sure it can be done because uiknobs have similar properties.
google has failed me. will be thankful for any assistance
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Jan 2021년 2월 9일
편집: Jan 님. 2021년 2월 9일
Are you talking of a figure or uifigure? Instead of a dragable image it is much easier to use a dragable axes, which displays an image.
"but encountered some problems" - then please post the code and explain the problems.

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nathan blanc
nathan blanc 2021년 2월 10일
thank you for your answer Jan. I am talking about a UIfigure, trying to work with matlab's app designer. for a figure some dragabble solutions already exist. Is it possible to create a dragable axes in a uifigure? how? regarding my problems, I posted another problem here
my code is also attached there.


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