New Linear Model Class

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Leah . 2013년 4월 21일
답변: Marc . 2016년 8월 20일
I just need to take a moment to say how much I love the LinearModel class. Whenever people said they were using R or SAS for their regression modeling I would have to concede and say "Yes, it's better than MatLab". But this new class takes the best features from R and SAS. Now I get to say "Well, you haven't seen the new class MatLab has made".
My code is so much cleaner, more intuitive and I can easily investigate the performance of my model.
So thank you and great job!
Have any of you been using it?

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Marc 2016년 8월 20일
Wanted to agree with Leah here. I ran into this in 2015b using lmfit along with tables to store data in excel and than analyze the experimental designs in Matlab. The ease of use along with other tools makes this an excellent tool for any professional engineer. Albeit a bit more pricey than Minitab, the stats toolbox combined with excel interface and the curve fitting toolbox makes data analysis in the real world fun... Hope others are enjoying some of these tools


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