build an OQPSK passband model

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Owen . 2013년 4월 19일
답변: Tasos Giannoulis . 2017년 1월 30일
I have to build an OQPSK passband model. Now there are two choices:
1. modem.oqpskmod function (in form of I+jQ) + multiplication (as mixer) + passband filter (to filter out images)
2. 2 Bits in groups and then 00: represented as cos(wt + 45 degrees) 01: represented as cos(wt + 135 degrees) 10: represented as cos(wt + 225 degrees) 11: represented as cos(wt + 315 degrees)
Which method is better?
Best Wishes Owen

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Tasos Giannoulis
Tasos Giannoulis 2017년 1월 30일
Hi Owen,
Why do you want a passband signal? You can get the baseband oqpsk signal, e.g., with oqpskmod or comm.OQPSKModulator, and if you want to transmit or receive, then you can simple specify the frequency (e.g., 2.4. GHz) at the radio transmitter/receiver. The radio will do the upconversion/downconversion for you.


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