Empty windows in EditFields of app.designer?

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ErikJon Pérez Mardaras
ErikJon Pérez Mardaras . 2021년 1월 20일
답변: Juan Andrés Martin . 2023년 8월 3일
I'm designing an app in which you select some input variables and its values, and after clicking the button calculate, the apps calculates and shows to the some physical values that has calcuates. (e.g: ypu enter as inputs m,g,h,a (and its values) and after clicking "calculate" it shows you F (force) and ME(mechanical energy) and their values.
So, here is are the dropemenus where the user can select the inputs he wants to enter and at the right, their values.
The issue here is that, by default, those white EditField(Numeric) windows (on the right), has the 0 value on it, as you can see above. The issue is that I would like those windows to be empty until the user enters one value. Is this possible? I have tried clicking on each windows's Inspector panel as you can see below and changing its value 0 by just deleting it
But appears me this error.
So. It's possible to have those windows empty until the user enters a value? Or is any alternative way of achieving that?
Thank you very much

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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim 2021년 1월 20일
ErikJon, as a workaround you could use an Edit Field (Text) instead of Edit Field (Numeric). The drawback of this workaround is that you need to convert the inputs from text to numeric (e.g. str2num).
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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim 2021년 1월 20일
The best place to do this, I guess, depends on what you are trying to do. However, in general, doing the conversion in this callback makes good sense. One thing that may be helpful is to save the value as a property, either private or public. See the doc for more info. This makes the variable globally accessible and you can access this variable as
You should probably pick a more suitable name for the variable though.
ErikJon Pérez Mardaras
ErikJon Pérez Mardaras 2021년 1월 20일
They were akready private property values.
And thanks for the help! It worked very well

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Juan Andrés Martin
Juan Andrés Martin 2023년 8월 3일
Actually, you can: you just need to set the "AllowEmpty" property to "On" and then set de "Value" property to "[]"
% Create MinTipThickness2Input
app.MinTipThickness2Input = uieditfield(app.GridGearInputs, 'numeric');
app.MinTipThickness2Input.Tag = 'MinTipThickness2Input';
app.MinTipThickness2Input.AllowEmpty = 'On';
app.MinTipThickness2Input.Value = [];


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