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Interpolating contour plot using user input

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I have created a 2D contour map using a 25x19 matrix and was wondering how to interpolate the value at certain user-input x-y coordinates? Essentially, I want the user to enter coordinates that are either integer or decimal, and for the code to output the value at that corresponding location. Any help would be appreciated :)
data = readmatrix('pixeltxt.txt');
grid minor

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Bram Schroeders
Bram Schroeders 20 Jan 2021
I think taking a look at this documentation may help you
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Bram Schroeders
Bram Schroeders 26 Jan 2021
You can use the rescale function:
So for instance you have a vector called A and you want to set the x-axis to [-21.4 -19.6] and y-axis to [-17.5 -15] you can do this:
A(:,1) = rescale(A(:,1),-21.4,-19.6);
A(:,2) = rescale(A(:,2),-17.5,-15.0);
I think this is what you mean

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