Having issues with connecting Zynq zedboard to computer

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kimi 2021년 1월 14일
답변: Srija Kethiri 2022년 8월 26일
Hello all
I'm having issues with connecting my zedboard to my computer. So far I've setup jumpers, configured sd card, and started the process of openning a serial conncection using PuTTy. When trying to test connection I'm getting an error that says "Could not connect to Zynq hardware board using IP addres". When trying to setup PuTTy the zynq terminal does not appear in the command prompt(reference: step7 https://www.mathworks.com/help/supportpkg/xilinxzynq7000ec/ug/opening-a-serial-command-line-session-with-your-xilinx_zynq-hardware.html)
Ive also tried changing & updating drivers, as well as manually entering IP address

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2021년 5월 24일
web(fullfile(docroot, 'hdlcoder/ug/define-and-register-custom-board-and-reference-design-for-zynq-workflow.html'))

Srija Kethiri
Srija Kethiri 2022년 8월 26일
Hi Kimi,
The reason for the error is maybe you have not completed the whole set up. Finish all the steps i.e., Identify COM Port, Open Serial connection, Get IP Address, Open SSH Connection.
If still the error exists, then the possible workaround is making the connection by using the following document
You can reach back to us if the solution doesn’t work for you.

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