How to use Matlab to process a .dat binary file that contains samples from an USRP

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I am working with the USRP X300, which is connected to a Linux PC that does not have Matlab installed. Using the subsequent command, I can sample signals at a specified frequency and store the results in a binary file called 'usrp_samples.dat' :
./rx_samples_to_file --freq 950e6 --rate 5e6 --gain 20 --duration 10 usrp_samples.dat
That's what I did. Now I want to use Matlab to process the received data. I would love to follow this Tutorial. However, I cannot, because I can't open the file in the way that it is done in the tutorial (I have a .dat and not a .mat file). Does anyone have experience with this?
Background: I cannot use Matlab to sample the signals with the help of the USRP because I only have remote access to the matlab server.


Monisha Nalluru
Monisha Nalluru 2021년 1월 11일
From my understanding you want to process the data in .dat file using MATLAB according to the tutorial.
You can use readmatrix, readtable which support .dat format file to load the data into MATLAB workspace and continue the remaining operations

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