How create desired number of images in the folder

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How to augment a folder of images?
Suppose i have 7 images in a folder, i wanted to augment these 7 images and create a total of 20 images in the folder (that means 13 new images)
I tried the below code for 1 image
In = imread('peppers.png');
Aug = imageDataAugmenter('RandXReflection',true);
Out = augment(Aug,In);
How to augment, so that i can create desired number of images in the folder

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
First of all, if you have folders you better define these:
baseDir = pwd;
that is the base folder or directory, then define the files you have in that folder, if these are png you can just read those:
>> dir0 = dir ('*.png')
dir0 =
11×1 struct array with fields:
Now you have all the files in that folder and you do not need to write them one by one, e.g.
>> dir0(1).name
ans =
Then you do the augmentation and then save the images to the folder, create a new filename for your output and print to save in the folder where you are working:
Hope that helps. If it does, please accept the answer, if it not, let me know.
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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
I would suggest to make the changes INSIDE the loop so that you change the parameters automatically.

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