How can I implement a loop to find the minimum among 5 values

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Hello and happy new year everyone.
I want to create a loop that finds the minimum among the 5 values s(1)-s(5) and put it into a different variable(let's say x).Then place this variable x into D so that the division could happen.Note that the values of A(1)-A(5) are numbers that are imported automatically from optimization tool,meaning that I can't interefere to them.Also I want the multiplication of A(1)-A(5) to be exactly 10.000.
The code that I have used is given below:
*P.S:I don't know if this helps,but I have been given some maximum values for A(1)-A(5),but the instructor told me that those values should be put only in Optimization tool.Also the problem that I have to solve,is of optimization(of course)
function D = myfun(A)
s(1) =0.1/A(1);
s(2) =3/(A(1)*A(2));
s(3) =5/(A(1)*A(2)*A(3));
s(4) =8/(A(1)*A(2)*A(3)*A(4));
s(5) =12/(A(1)*A(2)*A(3)*A(4)*A(5));
D = -( ./ A(5)*sqrt(A(4)^2*(A(3)^2*(A(2)^2*(A(1)*10^(-10) + 10^(-6) ) + 10^(-4) ) + 10^(-4) )+ 10^(-2)));


David Hill
David Hill 2021년 1월 3일
Are you not allowed to use the min() function?
function D = myfun(A)
D=min([.1 3 5 8 12]./cumprod(A));
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David Hill
David Hill 2021년 1월 3일
I don't understand your question. How are you generating A? Would you not constrain A during the generation of it?

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