Evaluate the system impose response function and the FRF with given input and output data

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I have the input and output data of a signal that is stored in a .mat file. I need help calulating the impulse response and the FRF. I have attached the .mat file. I know how to pull the info from the .mat file and the time length is 20 sec
data = importdata ('beam_experiment.mat');
x = transpose(data.x); %input
y = transpose(data.y); %output
fs = data.fs; % sampling frequency
T1 = 20;
I tried the follow:
data = iddata(y, x, 1/fs);
h = impulseest(data,2*max(time)*fs, min(time)*fs);
H = fft(h);
but get the following error message "Error using fft
Invalid data type. First argument must be double, single, int8, uint8, int16, uint16, int32,
uint32, or logical."
Could somone kindly help out?

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2021년 1월 2일
had to find another way than using the ID Toolbox (as I don't have it)
so I basically tried to fit an IIR model to the FRF and then you can create the impulse response
data = importdata ('beam_experiment.mat');
x = transpose(data.x); %input
y = transpose(data.y); %output
fs = data.fs; % sampling frequency
T1 = 20;
NFFT = 2048;
[Txy,F] = tfestimate(x,y,hanning(NFFT),NOVERLAP,NFFT,fs);
% IIR model
W = linspace(0,pi,length(F));
ind = find(F>5 & F <80); % frequency weighting ; data reliable between 5 and 80 Hz
WT = zeros(size(W));
WT(ind) = 1;
NB = 6;
NA = NB+2;
[B,A] = invfreqz(Txy,W,NB,NA,WT,1e4);
% check bode plots
[H,WW] = freqz(B,A,length(F));
% Impulse response
[IR,X] = dimpulse(B,A);
samples = length(IR);
time = 1/fs*(1:samples);
title('Impulse response')
xlabel('Time (s)');
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Christina Reid
Christina Reid 2021년 1월 4일
aaaah! Bless your soul! I have been banging my head aganist the wall for this one!

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