Solve system of differntial equation with one variable

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dydt= f(t,y)
dydt(1) = ( 1.15125859*10^-17)*1i;
dydt(2) = ( 2.77307307*10^-17)*1i;
dydt(3) = ( 8.3780271*10^-17)*1i;
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Akhilkrishna Panamkoottathil Ramakrishnan
How can i solve these 3 quations . Also i want to find how y1,y2,y3 varies from t=0 to t=1;

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Piotr Balik
Piotr Balik 2021년 1월 3일
One easy way to solve ODE's is using ode45 solver.
Define your derivative function in separate file, just as in your question:
function dydt = myODE(t,y)
dydt(1) = (1.15125859*10^-17)*1i;
dydt(2) = (2.77307307*10^-17)*1i;
dydt(3) = (8.3780271*10^-17)*1i;
And call for the solver:
initial=[0 0 0]'; %column form
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Akhilkrishna Panamkoottathil Ramakrishnan
The code worked.
But i got a warning, "complex parts of imaginary numbers x and y are ignored ".
Also all the results are.
Actually from the above 3 equations, i want to find y1,y2,y3. where t varies from 0 to1.
Can anyone help?
Thank you

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