Plotting a 3D surface from measurement datas

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Tom Engels
Tom Engels 2020년 12월 24일
댓글: Star Strider 2020년 12월 24일
I am relatively new to Matlab and am currently trying to generate a 3D plot from multiple measurement data.
The task is the following:
Data series:
x = Boiler 1 %Name of the object.
y = [0 1.4 1.5 2 3] %Random time points
z = [300 323 345 500 255] %Recorded temperature
x = Boiler 2 %Name of the object
y = [0 1 2 3] %Random time points
z = [100 200 300 400] %Recorded temperature
This data can now be easily processed with the plot3 function. However, these are to be seen then accordingly only as line function.
I would like to unite these line functions now to a surface (like with surf).
So far I could not find an appropriate solution for this and hope that someone can help me here?
The data of the measurement series come from Excel. Is there also here a more elegant way than to implement these manually?
Many thanks and greetings

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Star Strider
Star Strider 2020년 12월 24일
I suspect the griddata function would do what you want to create the surface from your vectors, however I have no idea what your data actually are.
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Star Strider
Star Strider 2020년 12월 24일
As always, my pleasure!
Note that ‘x’ needs to be a numeric array, not a character vector.
With more data, I could provide a more definitive solution. It should be possible to produce the surface you want, or at least a close approximation to it.

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