I would like to draw a graph with the import of the date in abscisse

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SIMONET Aurelien
SIMONET Aurelien 2020년 12월 24일
답변: Prudhvi Peddagoni 2020년 12월 28일
Hello everyone, I would like to draw a graph with abscisse the date. I have a file that is composed like this: column 1 line number, column 2 day, column 3 months, column 4 years, column 5 hours, column 6 minutes, column 7 seconds, column 8 point number, column 9 coordinates EST, column 10 coordinates North and column 11 coordinates altitude. I would already like to draw a graph with the GNSS1 number for example and the east coordinates according to the dates. And I don't know how to import the dates into Matlab

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Prudhvi Peddagoni
Prudhvi Peddagoni 2020년 12월 28일
You can use import tool to import the data. Import it as a table. You can set the column names while importing.
You can extract the data from the table as follows.
indices=table.VarName8=='GNSS1' % getting the row numbers of the table with 8th column as 'GNSS1'
X=table.VarName1(indices); % extracting 1st column to a variable X
Y=table.VarName2(indices); % extracting 2nd column to a variable Y
You can use plot function to plot the data.
plot(X,Y); % plotting 2nd column data against the first column data
Hope this helps.


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