Problems to export Scope Data variable to MATLAB workspace via timer function

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AN 2020년 12월 21일
편집: Chaitanya Mallela 2020년 12월 24일
I am using a timer function to update variables created by a Simulink simulation in my workspace .
However when called upon by the timer function, the Scope Data is not getting exported into the MATLAB workspace. When I run the Simulink-Simulation using the run-button, however, it works. Did anyone have a similar problem and found a solution?


Chaitanya Mallela
Chaitanya Mallela 2020년 12월 24일
편집: Chaitanya Mallela 2020년 12월 24일
To export the calculated variables into the workspace, consider returning the output from sim function to load into the MATLAB workspace and return this output from the timer functions.

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