To save the matrix listed as fread as stl file?

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Jungwu Kim
Jungwu Kim 2020년 12월 16일
댓글: Jungwu Kim 2020년 12월 17일
I changed the stl file of the triangulation to the decimal form through the spread, is there a separate way to change the decimal form back to the stl file?
here my code.
r = fopen('Mesh_04.stl');
whos A
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
A 137784x1 1102272 double
I want to know how to convert decimal form(A) back to stl file.
And I tried to use the function of the site below, but frankly, I have difficulty setting the variable.
Can you help me if you know?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 12월 16일
fid = fopen('New_Mesh_04.stl', 'w');
fwrite(fid, A, 'uint8');
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Jungwu Kim
Jungwu Kim 2020년 12월 17일
thank you! I think I misused your point.

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