Apply transformation matrix to image

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windmill 2020년 12월 14일
답변: Abhishek Gupta 2020년 12월 17일
I have used the algorithm "Absolute Orientation - Horn's method" by Matt J in order to undistord an image. As a result I got a 3x3 transformation matrix. I would like to apply this transformation matrix to an image now. Does anyone know how to do it? The transformation matrix looks like this:
ans =
0.9763 0.0024 205.7496
-0.0024 0.9763 337.0974
0 0 1.0000
Thank you so much in advance!


Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 2020년 12월 17일
As per my understanding, you want to apply the transformation matrix on to an image. This task can be achieved using imfilter() or conv2(). Using these functions, you can slide the transformation matrix (or kernel) across an image.

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