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How concatenate all the excel filles in one table in MATLAB

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Ayman Mounir
Ayman Mounir 2020년 12월 11일
댓글: Ayman Mounir 2020년 12월 11일
I have many excel files in a folder, I want to concatenate them in one table in MATLAB.
Hint: if i am going to use vercat( readtable('file_name') ); i have to write all the files names this is the issue.
Thanks in advacne

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2020년 12월 11일
this is an example
folder = cd;
folderout = [cd '\out'];
Files = dir(fullfile(folder, '*.xlsx')); % Use absolute path names
for ci = 1:length(Files);
data_file = readmatrix(Files(ci).name,'NumHeaderLines',15);

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