Finding the length of square function

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Dimo Iordanov
Dimo Iordanov . 2020년 12월 7일
답변: Rik . 2020년 12월 8일
Hello, I'm using the square function. I want to find the length of it based on my limits. How can I do that since the square root is discontinues. Regards, Dimo
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Dimo Iordanov
Dimo Iordanov 2020년 12월 8일
Yes, I did, and found the length of a sine function that I did before. I can use the same principle for finding a square function, but I think that it is going to get too messy. This is why I was wondering if anyone had any easier way of doing it. By messy I mean that the square functions are actually two functions that are activating by different values, and I believe I can solve it with a loop, by calculating each section of the wave, but I was wondering if there isn't a simpler way.

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Rik 2020년 12월 8일
In general you can approximate the arc length by measuring the distances between the points and adding them.
Just a side note: I found this answer by John D'Errico as the 5th result when I googled 'arc length Matlab' detailing several methods to calculate the arc length. I suggest you take a look there as well.

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Rafael Hernandez-Walls
Rafael Hernandez-Walls 2020년 12월 8일


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