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Plotting for specific values

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Purnjay Peshawaria
Purnjay Peshawaria 2020년 11월 18일
댓글: Purnjay Peshawaria 2020년 11월 18일
I have a matrix U of size (P + 1)*(N+1) , 2 row vectors node and t of lengh P + 1 and N+1 respectively.
These row vectors are defined as follows :
node = linspace(0, 1 ,P+1)
t = linspace(0, T, N+1)
Take T to be 2.5 and choose P and N arbitrarily.
plot(node,U(:,161), node, U(:, 321), node,U(:,481), node, U(:,641),node,U(:,801));
Here 161 is when t = 0.25, 321 is when t = 0.5, 481 is when t = 0.75, 641 is when t = 1.0 and so on.
How can I accomplish this task without hard coding ? I want to plot U(: , t) against node for specific values of t = 0.25,0.5,0.75 and so on.
Any help appreciated.

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Jon 2020년 11월 18일
plot(node,U(:,t==0.25),node,U(t==0.5)) % and so on
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Purnjay Peshawaria
Purnjay Peshawaria 2020년 11월 18일

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