Implementing Angles as an input in Simulink

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Saad Khan
Saad Khan 2020년 11월 17일
댓글: Saad Khan 2020년 11월 17일
Hi everyone,
I am struggling in adding theta 1 and theta 2 into my simulink model. I have attached the model so far and the parameters of the angles.
Anyone know how i can pass two angles into the robot controller block?
Thank you.


Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs 2020년 11월 17일
It appears (based on the icon on the block) that the block labeled "Robot Controler" is a Matlab function block. In order to add additional inputs to a Matlab function block, simply add the additional signals to the argument list of the function inside the block. Once you save the change, they will then appear as block inputs.
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Saad Khan
Saad Khan 2020년 11월 17일
Thank you for the answer but that's not quite what i'm after.
I need to pass the desired joint angles through the mux icon but i'm struggling how to model the joint angles in simulink.
From the screenshot of the question showing theta 1 and theta 2 and time, how can i add them into the simulink model.
Thank you.

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