How to plot phase and amplitude spectrum after doing fft?

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Saptarshi Maji
Saptarshi Maji . 2020년 10월 31일
답변: Sindar . 2020년 11월 1일
Hello, I am a new MATLAB user. I had a signal file in .txt which I did Fourier Transform for. I would like to know what code I should input in MATLAB in order to plot the phase and amplitude spectra of this file. Thanks in advance... "The signal txt is atttched herewith"
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Saptarshi Maji
Saptarshi Maji 2020년 11월 1일
편집: Saptarshi Maji 님. 2020년 11월 1일
Strider, This is the only data given to me by my lecturer in college, I don't need accuracy but can you give me a code that allows this to do the above mentioned program. I know that the data is incomplete, But can you give the specific time vectors by yourself and do the 2 plottings. Take the sample rate of 100samples/second or deltaT = 0.01.
I will be highly grateful.

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Sindar 2020년 11월 1일
See this example for in angle documentation


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