How can I obtain slope of a trend line calculated for a time serie

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Hamed Hedayatnia
Hamed Hedayatnia . 2020년 10월 30일
댓글: Hamed Hedayatnia . 2020년 10월 30일
Hi folks,
I wanna obtain the slope of the trend lines which have been calculated for time series. As you can see in the attached plot, there are 3 time serie and trend line has been shown for each one. How can I obtain the slope of each trend line?

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Rafael Hernandez-Walls
Rafael Hernandez-Walls 2020년 10월 30일
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Hamed Hedayatnia
Hamed Hedayatnia 2020년 10월 30일
polyfit is not applicable on time series because the x values are dates.
Error using polyval (line 67)
Inputs must be floats, namely single or double.

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