Data interpolation using ANN

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Serg 2020년 10월 28일
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I am quite new to matlab. I am looking for a way to interpolate data in form of f(x,y) and f(x,y,z), so for given x and y or x,y and z I will receive third/forth value. Can you please advice what would be most convenient way to do so?
Additionally I would like to do pretty much the same activity, but using Artifical Neural Network. Frankly speaking I do not have much experience using them. I am wondering if I can use something already prepared/done by someone else, so it will not be that complicated. Toolbox maybe? I would be very glad on any help here.
Thank you in advance for help!
Best Regards :)

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Mayank Bajpai
Mayank Bajpai 2020년 10월 28일
For Interpolation,
For ANN,
  1. Simply go to APPS>Machine learning>Regression learner.
  2. Choose the input and output data.
  3. set the number of hidden neurons. (vary by +-5 or 10 to check for optimum value)
  4. train the model and if the results aren't satisfactory repeat the process by varying neurons, learning technique, increasing data.
  5. If the results are satisfactory, you can export the neural network to a .m file, which can be called similar to function.
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Serg 2020년 11월 10일
I am having fun with regression learner right now. Thank you!

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