solving equation written in the functions

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Vijay Shankar Dwivedi
Vijay Shankar Dwivedi . 2020년 10월 28일
편집: Aman Vyas . 2020년 11월 3일
I want to solve three equations with three unknowns.
Force_x(x,y,z) == 0, Force_y(x,y,z) == 0, Force_z(x,y,z) == 0
vpasolve is not working here because Force_x works only when x y z are numbers, while vpasolve is passing symbols.
Help me with any other method or any modification.
my code:
[XX, YY] = vpasolve([Force_x(x,y,z)==0, Force_y(x,y,z)==0, Force_z(x,y,z)==0], [x, y, z], [0, 0, 0]);
error: Invalid arguments specified in evaluating the interpolant.
this error is due to symbols passed by Force_x.
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Vijay Shankar Dwivedi
Vijay Shankar Dwivedi 2020년 10월 28일
편집: Vijay Shankar Dwivedi 님. 2020년 10월 28일
Force_x(x,y,z) is a function defined in anothe file which involves x, y, z.

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Aman Vyas
Aman Vyas 2020년 11월 3일
편집: Aman Vyas 님. 2020년 11월 3일
You can try following code:
syms x y z Force_x Force_y Force_z
[X Y Z] = vpasolve([Force_x==0,Force_y==0,Force_z ==0],[x y z],[0 0 0])
This would start produce generic output as shown :
X =
Empty sym: 0-by-1
Y =
Empty sym: 0-by-1
Z =
Empty sym: 0-by-1
See this if it matches the requirement in output. Once you start calling function Force_x and other two then it should start outputting correct value.
Hope it helps !

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