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Simscape Multibody Contact Forces Library keep passing through

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Anaïs Auberval
Anaïs Auberval 2020년 10월 20일
답변: Vasco Lenzi 2020년 10월 22일
I'm using Simscape Multibody Contact Forces Library with imported bodies from CAO. But when I update some parameters like forces applied on bodies, or density of them, objects keep pass through each other by countering 3D sphere to plane block. Is it normal ? If yes, how to prevent it ?
Thank you in advance.


Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi 2020년 10월 22일
It may have to do with the spring-damping parameters simulating the contact forces; if the object are too heavy, the will "break through" the plane because basically the spring damping simplification is not enough strong to stop the object.
You can imagine it like having a heavy ball hitting a fragile plane - the reaction forces ar enot enough and it will break through.
Try increasing the parameters of the contact forces spring damping model.

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