Skipping data of an ECG signal

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cfmmj23 2020년 10월 18일
답변: Prudhvi Peddagoni 2020년 10월 21일
Hi. I would like to skip specific parts of data in an ECG signal. I have 40 ECG signals that have artifacts in them at different times. I shaded them all using a custom GUI that was given to me and it saves the shaded data into a mat file, AX1_Shade. The 40 ECG signals are all separated into their own folders containing the ECG signal, time, and AX1_Shade. The AX1_Shade mat file contains two columns, which are the start and end times of the shaded artifacts, and the rows depends on the number of artifacts I shaded. My teacher told me to compile the ECG signals and shaded data into a 1x40 cell and then used a for loop and if statement to go through each signal and skip though the shaded data. I've asked a similar question here before, but my teacher told me that I need to just skip the shaded parts to extract information instead of making them zero. Is there a way to do this?

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Prudhvi Peddagoni
Prudhvi Peddagoni 2020년 10월 21일
as from my understanding, you have a matrix of data and you want to select some rows based on some conditions. you can do this without using the for-loop and if condition.
please refer to this answer to know the steps for doing this.
Hope this helps.

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