Matrixes must agree error

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Serena Simpson
Serena Simpson 2020년 10월 13일
답변: Bandar 2020년 10월 13일
I have the .* to do element by element math, however, it keeps coming back with matricies must agree errors
%% Section 1: Initalization of Variables
f = [0, 5, 10, 20]; %frequencies
t = 0:0.1:pi; %numbers for time
v =-5+exp(-5.*t).*((4.*cos(f.*t))+9.*sin(f.*t)); %equation %% Error here
%% Section 2: Processing
%applying the array f to each voltage
v1 = [v, f(1)];
v2 = [v, f(2)];
v3 = [v, f(3)];
v4 = [v, f(4)];
%% Section 3: Result Output
plot(v1, v2, v3, v4)
title('Voltage in a RLC circuit')


Bandar 2020년 10월 13일
If you would like to carry out element-by-element mutliplication, vectors must have same size. In your case f has 4 elements whereas t has 32 elements.


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