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Calculating Equation of a Line with Known Angle Relative to Other Line

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Andrew Park
Andrew Park 2020년 10월 13일
편집: Bandar 2020년 10월 13일
Hello, I'm struggling to get the equation of a line relative to another line. Here is an image to visualize the problem:
I want 'x' to equal to something around 33 degrees and 'y' to be around 55 degrees. I know the slopes for the orange lines connecting the three dots and the angles of the blue and red lines relative to the orange lines.
I'm using MATLAB 2018b. Thank you!


Bandar 2020년 10월 13일
편집: Bandar 2020년 10월 13일
where m is the slope of a line. In your case, the angle and one of the slop of the intersected lines are known.


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