Self-Controlled Synchronous Motor Drive in MATLAB/Simulink

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Pranoy Kumar Singha Roy
Pranoy Kumar Singha Roy . 2020년 10월 2일
답변: Aman Vyas . 2020년 10월 6일
I am working in Self-Controlled Synchronous Motor Drive in MATLAB/Simulink. Inside of this drive, there is a Synchronous Machine block, which consists of an Electrical model and Mechanical model. Inside of the mechanical model, they used some gain blocks, and they assigned their values like SM.Pb, SM.Nb, and SM.H, etc. Where can I find these gain block’s values? I checked its mask parameters, but I did not find these variable values.

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Aman Vyas
Aman Vyas 2020년 10월 6일
You can navigate to the block and check the values of variable either defined in the matlab workspace or can right click on the block and inside view mask can check the initialisation command.
If this doesnt work help share the model.
Hope it helps !


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