Setting up equation with variables without values

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David Scidmore
David Scidmore 2020년 10월 2일
댓글: David Scidmore 2020년 10월 3일
I am trying to set up in order to derive equations as I've been stuck on one thing for a few days now. One multiple sin or cos functions appear I simply don't know how to do them by hand.
I'm trying to set up an equation of
Thank you.
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David Scidmore
David Scidmore 2020년 10월 2일
The best way to explain what I'm trying to do is find Xdot and Ydot for Laplace transformations. I want something I can come back to for quick solving of Laplace transformations when I'm working with Space State methodology.

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Asad (Mehrzad)  Khoddam
Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam 2020년 10월 3일
(1/2)*Lp % instead of 1/2Lp
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David Scidmore
David Scidmore 2020년 10월 3일
Thank you so much. Been working on this problem for a couple days so it's nice to be able to get to the point I finished in about 30 minutes.
I figured it was something really simple, but like python and arduino can't always tell while looking at your code.

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