Solve inequation not working with sqrt

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Diego Marvid
Diego Marvid 2020년 9월 28일
답변: Prudhvi Peddagoni 2020년 10월 1일
I tried to solve a simple inequation that had square root of the variable and the solve() function is not giving me the correct answer.
The inequation is:
The code is:
syms k real
eq = ( -1 + sqrt(1-4*k) )/2 < 1;
solve(eq, k)
And the answer is 0.
Since k is real the answer should be the interval (-2, 1/4)

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Prudhvi Peddagoni
Prudhvi Peddagoni 2020년 10월 1일
It seems that you did not enable ReturnConditions parameter. So the function is returning only one solution
solve(eq, k,'ReturnConditions',true);
This will return all the possible solutions. Please refer this link for more info.

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