MATLAB command line control of Simulink signal builder

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Hi All,
I have a Simulink model that contains a signal builder that has 3 groups of signals. What I want to be able to do is simulate the model from a Matlab m-file for each group of signals. i.e. I will use the sim command 3 times to simulate the model 3 times, but before each time I use the sim command I need to be able to set the active group of signals in the signal builder. Is there any way to do this without have the model file open i.e. run the m-file but not open the .mdl file? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2013년 1월 24일
I found an internal knowledgebase document about a similar question. You might need to contact technical support for more information referring to "solution 1-C3IKN1". It also says this is possible with R2012b and MathWorks can provide a woraround for older releases, but I am not too fmailiar with this matter and - again - suggest you contact technical support.
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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2013년 1월 24일
Note: I assume you still need to open the model but not run it.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind 2013년 1월 24일

Andy 2013년 1월 24일
Thanks for the suggestions.
Andreas: have contacted technical support and we are in the process of finding a solution.
Kaustubha: Unfortunately that doesnt work for me because it requires the model to already be open to be able to execute that command. I have managed to get round it by using a load_system command on the line before, however I was hoping that I wouldnt have to use this because it adds a fair amount of time onto the execution time of the m-file (note: I need to use this technique inside many many m-files therefore if it adds an extra 3 seconds to the length of the script then it may cost me an extra 10 mins to execute them all time). I fear however that this may be the only way to do this, but I will wait to see what technical support come up with.
Many thanks for your help so far.

Albert Yam
Albert Yam 2013년 1월 24일
Do you have to use a Signal builder? If you use a lookup table that references a variable 'mysignal' in the workspace, then redefine that 'mysignal' each time before running.

Tonelli 2015년 5월 17일
Hi everybody, I can´t customize the name of the test cases of a signal builder created using a script. The "default name GROUPxx" is always taken as a reference. My goal would be to use a string digited by the user as a default name for the signal builder (i.e: test_case_A (from keyboard) --> Signal builder= test_case_A_1).
SBSystem = signalbuilder([ModelName,'/', SBName], 'create', [0 simulationTime], [0 0], char(ModelTLNameInport{1}), 'Test_COMPONENT_UNIT_Fctl_001');
(basically "Test_COMPONENT_UNIT_Fctl_001" must become the string given by the user).
Thanks a lot in advance. Regards

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