How to Use Ansys model for my Simulink

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Meddour Aissam riad
Meddour Aissam riad 2020년 9월 21일
댓글: Ashishkumar Gupta 2023년 2월 24일
Hi there,
I'm trying to optimize an electric vehicle e structure (battery, motor, etc....), my battery model is on Simulink and the motor's is built using Ansys Maxwell I want to parallel optimize parameters from both models, but I don't know how to connect the two softwares.

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Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 2020년 9월 24일
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I am using Ansys Maxwell, the electical machine that i worked is in ansys platfom and the controller is in the Matlab.
  • i have to interface both softwares.
  • i have to optimise both controller and machine parameters for the specified application.
Thanking you,

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Hussein Ali
Hussein Ali 2022년 5월 10일
Hello my friends I need to import model from maxwell Ansys to matlab
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Ashishkumar Gupta
Ashishkumar Gupta 2023년 2월 24일
Do you guys know how can I integrate Ansys Maxwell 3d (ELECTROSTATICS) and MATLAB/Simulink?
I guess Simplorer/Twin Builder cannot be used for Electrostatics !!

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