Error using 'pi' too many input errors with my equation

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%Defining given varibles
t = 0 :.1 :3;
f1 = 130;
f2 = 120;
y1 = cosd(2*pi*f1*t);
y2 = cosd(2*pi*f2*t);
%% Section 2: Processing
%equation given
y = 2 * cos(2*pi(f1+f2/2)*t) * cos(2*pi(f1-f2/2)*t);
%% Section 3: Result Output
title('Alternating Loud and Quiet Sounds')
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Serena Simpson
Serena Simpson 2020년 9월 18일
The problem is with my 'y' equation

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2020년 9월 18일
You're missing * operators after the two calls to pi on the line where you define y, just like you did on the lines where you defined y1 and y2.
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Serena Simpson
Serena Simpson 2020년 9월 18일
Oh. I see now. Thank you so much!!

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