How to backtest my trading strategy ?

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Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan 2020년 9월 17일
답변: Puru Kathuria 2021년 3월 8일
I have a strategy that buys/sells based on a criteria. I would like to back test it, to understand how good/bad it works.
How can i program matlab to back test and record the results?
Please view the two charts below to understand the strategy.
Basically when the detrended data chart reached to the level of -125 (bottom red line) then buy the stock, and when it reaches to a level of +125 (top red line) sell it.
Stock data chart
Detrended data chart


Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria 2021년 3월 8일
Have a look at the documentation of backtestStrategy which will help you in creating a backtestStrategy object where you can define your portfolio allocation strategy.
Also, have a look at this interesting thread, which talks about a simple backtest strategy.





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